About POM

POM helps organizations in various sectors to collect more smoothly, in a more user-friendly and more social way, at a lower cost. With our solutions, we aim to provide peace of mind for both the sender and recipient of payment requests. That's why POM stands for Peace of Mind.


Our mission

We combine our advanced technical platform with a people-centered approach. We improve the performance of companies and make the payment process as easy as possible for the payer. Our mission is to provide a pleasant and effortless user experience: if you use POM, you pay with a smile.

in the administration. We eliminate every possible obstacle or obstacle in the payment process, so that there is no reason for a customer not to pay immediately.
Johannes Vermeire

Core values

Our values are the essence of who we are and what we strive for. Smart, innovative, practical, friendly and knowledgeable — together, they guide our mission to provide you with a pleasant and effortless user experience: if you use POM, you pay with a smile.


At POM we look beyond the horizon. We use our intelligence and years of experience to think ahead and provide solutions that really work.


Always curious and looking for new ways to improve things: innovation is in our DNA. In recent years we have launched many innovations and we remain at the forefront of the sector by continuously investing in new technologies and processes.


At POM we like to keep things clear and direct. We offer easy and flexible solutions that do what they are supposed to do. Simplicity and efficiency are paramount in all our products and services.


Every interaction with POM feels like a warm welcome. We approach every situation with a smile and an open mind, because we believe that kindness is the key to long-lasting relationships.


At POM we combine warmth with expertise. We are the trusted partner you can count on; always ready to guide you with smart solutions and advice. Our passion for our profession makes us better every day.

Our vision

Financial health is important to both companies and their customers. Sometimes people can unintentionally end up in debt for various reasons, such as laxity or a lack of knowledge. Sometimes things go wrong due to limited payment or repayment options.

Smart software to collect invoices more smoothly

Gezicht van een persoon met een bril op die op een beeldscherm concentreert
In addition to wanting to make a positive impact with our software, we are also personally connected to people with debt. Our colleagues are active at ONSbank, an initiative in which we help young people with problematic debts.
Kees Neven


in diverse sectors in different countries

+4,5 mln

Payment transactions


(and growing)


< 10 days

pays on average within 10 days of receipt



Score based on more than 750,000 reviews

International team 🇪🇺

Meet our international team of experts and technicians with years of experience in the payment and credit management world. In addition to its headquarters in Alblasserdam 🇳🇱, POM has offices in Antwerp 🇧🇪 and Emsbüren 🇩🇪.

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