POM Invoice

With POM Invoice, you can optimize your billing process. Create and send invoices — with or without a payment request — via the right channel and get paid faster.


Simple invoicing with POM

Whether you're sending paper or digital invoices, you can automate and simplify your billing process with POM Invoice. Combine our modern templates with your corporate identity and choose your customer's favorite channel. This way, you can offer your customers an effortless payment experience and get paid faster.

Template Management

Easily create invoices in our professional templates and combine them with your own house style. Easily adjust the texts and choose the appropriate tone of voice. With the template management in POM Invoice, you are in charge of your own invoices.

Easy to customise

Pick a template. Simply add your own content - without having to respond to change notifications all the time - and you're done. After all, POM does the rest.

Recognized and Trusted

With POM's templates, all your invoices look neat and identical. Every time. This way, you create recognisability and thus a sense of security and trust among your customers.

Meer interactie en grotere betrokkenheid

If you send a message out the door, you naturally want a response. The more personal you can be to the addressee, the more engagement and interaction you get. In POM Invoice, you can easily personalise the content of your e-mails, letters, text messages and Robocall templates with customer-specific or segment-specific data.

Template Management

White label

Let your brand shine with professional invoices that are fully tailored to the look and feel of your organization. Strengthen your brand and build trust while providing a seamless customer experience to your customers. Have you noticed that you don't see POM anywhere in this story? True, we are only present in the background. Invisible but powerful.

Modern design, completely in your own style

Customers receive your invoice in the professionally designed templates entirely in the corporate style of your own organization.

POM is completely invisible

The invoice, the reminder, the reminder, the payment link... Whatever message you send, POM is invisible. Your customers only see your brand.

Get paid faster

Consumers are becoming increasingly cautious about who they trust. And for good reason! Because POM is invisible to your customers, they know for sure that they are paying you. More than 40 percent of customers therefore pay within 24 hours of receiving the invoice or payment request sent with POM.

White label

Getting paid faster? Invoice with POM!

Do you also want a smooth, simple, professional billing process and get paid faster? Discover what POM can do for your organization!

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What our customers say

“We kindly remind debtors of their payment arrangements at a pre-agreed time — if there is still money in the account”
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Rob Uytdewilligen

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The Power of Together

Together with our integration partners, payment services, social organizations and service providers, POM offers your organization a powerful, complete solution.

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POM ensures that you get your invoices paid better, faster, more socially and at a lower cost. Below you can see how we do that.

POM is certified

Our ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 type 2 and AVG certifications confirm our thorough business practices.

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