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Forget manual reminders - POM invoice ensures that your invoices are paid on time. With smart reminders and personalized approaches, POM helps you boost payments and strengthen customer relationships. With POM's automatic follow-up of outstanding invoices, it's possible!


Track outstanding invoices
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Achieve the best possible accounts receivable management process with the help of automation and artificial intelligence. Gain insight into your customers and their payment behavior, save time and improve your cash flow.

Easily build the most powerful process

From sending the invoice to amicable collection: with POM, you can easily automate the entire debtor process. Design automated processes for outstanding invoices and instantly improve the customer experience. With A/B testing and customer segmentation, you can quickly find out which approach works best and take targeted actions for different customer groups.

Healthy cash flow

Create, automate and optimize various debtor processes and improve your cash flow.

Save time

Check daily whether an outstanding invoice has already been paid, send a reminder when the payment term has expired, keep an eye on whether the customer is actually paying... A debtor process is a time-consuming activity. With POM Collect, you automate the entire process and save (a lot) of time.

Better payment behavior

Remind your customers about outstanding accounts in a consistent way. Over and over again. This ensures better payment behavior.

Easily build the most powerful process

Get full insight into your customer

One click and you have the complete customer history on your screen. Paid and outstanding accounts, previously sent payment requests and messages, future messages, flows, open tasks and much more. With POM Collect, you have instant deep insight into your customer's most important data.

All data in one place

Gather all data in a clear system and access comprehensive reports and insights into your customer.

Ease of use

No more unnecessary switching between different systems. With Case Reporting in POM Collect, you can access your customer's complete history with just one click.


Instant insight into a case promotes customer contact. So you can answer questions quickly and offer your customers the best possible service.

Get full insight into your customer

A golden combination: AI and machine learning

Thanks to AI, our software knows exactly how your customer prefers to be approached. Through which channel, at what time and with which tone of voice. This is how you improve the payment behavior and the payment experience of your customers!

Optimal personalization

There is no one-size-fits-all solution at POM. Our machine looks at each file separately. So you can always make the best payment request with each individual debtor, with the highest chance of payment.

Lower DSO

What would you do if you received a payment request at exactly the right time, via your favorite channel and with a nice tone of voice? Fast payment, right? And so will your customers. As a result, your invoices remain outstanding for less time on average.

Continuous improvement

With POM's artificial intelligence, you can achieve better payment results while barely having to do anything yourself. The computer does all the hard work. Moreover, the system never stops. It is continuously working to improve the collection strategy. Just until you reach the most effective payment collection approach.

A golden combination: AI and machine learning

Create the optimal debtor management process with POM!

Do you also want to improve a smart, automated debtor management process and the payment behavior of your customers? Discover what POM can do for your organization!

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What our customers say

“60 to 80 percent of customers who receive an email with a payment link pay immediately”
Stephan Swanenburg

Stephan Swanenburg

Head of Financial Affairs

Health and Security
“You quickly put a letter away and then you forget it. And when you think about it again, you should grab the letter, open your banking app yourself, log in and fill in all the details. An email with a payment link is then much easier and more user-friendly.”
Patrick Schoonebeek

Patrick Schoonebeek



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