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Choose POM Payment and embrace a world of simple, fast and customer-friendly payments. With a wide range of payment options for your customers, direct payments to your organization's bank account and super-fast processing.


Easy, fast and customer friendly

A simple click or scan. This is how every payment process starts via POM Payment. And a few clicks later, the payment is already completed. It couldn't be easier. Give your customers and your own organization the convenience of our payment solutions. Effortless, customer-friendly, fast and efficient.

QR payment code on invoice

Make it extremely easy for your customers to pay your invoices: add a POM QR code or payment link.

Fast payments

Just scan, wait (barely) a second, choose payment service and complete. Paying via a QR code is lightning fast.

Worry-free payment experience

After scanning the QR code, your customers immediately enter a secure, online payment environment where all payment details are already entered. They don't have to fill in anything themselves. So they can complete the payment process stress-free, quickly and error-free. Pure customer convenience!

More efficient process

QR codes not only make the payment process easier for your customers, but also for your own organisation. Payment processing is automatic and manual checks are no longer necessary, reducing your administrative burden.

QR payment code on invoice

Secure payment links for every communication channel

With POM payment links, you can seamlessly integrate the payment process into all your communication channels. Whether it's an email with a payment button, an SMS or WhatsApp message with a payment link, a push message, or sharing a payment link via social media, with POM's payment links, you can offer your customers a fast, easy and secure way to pay via any channel.

Easy online payment

After your customer's first click on the payment link, it's another two, maybe three clicks and the invoice has been paid. The money is directly in your organization's account.

Never a typo again

When transferring an amount manually, a typo quickly lurks. With all its consequences. With POM's payment links, all data has already been filled in. So the correct amount, the correct bank account number and the correct message. This way, you always have one hundred percent a match and the payment is automatically processed one-on-one.

Get paid faster

Invoices with a payment link are paid faster: 40 percent of the customers who receive a payment link transfer the amount within 24 hours.

Secure payment links for every communication channel

All possible payment options available

PayPal, iDeal, Apple Pay or any other payment service or method, with POM Payment, your customers can always pay in their favorite way. In addition, POM is the ideal service provider for all major Dutch banks. To receive payments, you can simply use your organization's bank account with its own iDEAL connection, which we manage for you.

More payment convenience for your customer

Offer your customers ease of payment and let them pay easily via their favorite payment method such as iDeal, PayPal, Apple Pay or credit card.

Get your bills paid faster

Customers who can pay via their favorite payment services are also more likely to do so. With POM, you always offer their preferred payment method.

No third party money account

Interim accounts? POM does not do that. Via a link with your own bank, you will receive all payments directly into your organization's account.

All possible payment options available

Transform your customers' payment experience!

Want to know more about the benefits of QR codes on your invoices? Make an appointment quickly and let your customers also experience effortless payment convenience.

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What our customers say

“60 to 80 percent of customers who receive an email with a payment link pay immediately”
Stephan Swanenburg

Stephan Swanenburg

Head of Financial Affairs

Health and Security
“You quickly put a letter away and then you forget it. And when you think about it again, you should grab the letter, open your banking app yourself, log in and fill in all the details. An email with a payment link is then much easier and more user-friendly.”
Patrick Schoonebeek

Patrick Schoonebeek



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