Ingage automates the reminder process

Ingage automates the reminder process

“Automation offers customers ease of use and takes a lot of work off our hands.”
Patrick Schoonebeek

Patrick Schoonebeek


They think it is ideal for mortgage service provider Ingage to have POM provide payment reminders to their customers. The whole process is faster and customers pay faster after they receive the reminder. “This allows us to focus on customers who need attention.”

Ingage's activities cover the entire breadth of the mortgage market. From mortgage advice and providing and managing mortgages to providing investment solutions to grow capital sustainably. Ingage's well-known brands include House & Mortgage, the Mortgage Shop and Impact Mortgages.

Remembrance process via POM

Managing mortgages from A to Z, such as the acceptance process of mortgage applications, mortgage administration, arrears and collections, is done at Ingage Servicing. If problems arise with a loan, for example a delay in payment, the Ingage Servicing Special Management team takes action. This team has been working with POM in the memory process since the beginning of 2022. “I like that very much,” says team manager Patrick Schoonebeek. “If a customer is in arrears, we report it to Cases, POM's platform. A payment reminder with a payment link is then sent to that customer via email.”

We also see that customers pay earlier after receiving the email. Of course, all they have to do is click on the payment link.

Faster and easier to use

Patrick noticed that the entire process of sending payment reminders and receiving payments has been much faster since working with POM. “Previously, we worked with letters by post. Such a letter takes a few days before it is delivered, while an e-mail arrives immediately after it is sent. We also see that customers pay earlier after receiving the email. Of course, all they have to do is click on the payment link, they will go directly to their own internet banking environment and can complete the payment immediately. You quickly put a letter away and then you forget it again. And when you think about it again, you should grab the letter, open your banking app yourself, log in and fill in all the details. An email with a payment link is then much easier and more user-friendly.”

Time to pay attention

Patrick wants to emphasize that only the first payment arrears go through the POM process. “A payment arrears can happen once in a while. But if the backlog lasts longer or occurs more often, we don't want to keep sending emails without talking to the customer himself. Then we want to get in touch with that person ourselves to find out what's going on and work together on a solution,” explains Patrick. “That's also why automation is so pleasant in the initial phase. It takes a lot of work off our hands, giving us more time to focus on the customers who need attention.”

Optimal collaboration

Patrick is very satisfied with the cooperation with POM. “Just the enthusiasm about their own platform is very contagious. The moment we came into contact with POM, we had just made a digitization and automation move at Ingage. Thanks to their platform, we were able to continue that battle at Special Management. The implementation process was also super-fast. At the end of 2021, we had the first sales calls and everything was in place at the beginning of 2022. Everything shows that the lines of communication are short at POM; we were able to switch very directly and smoothly.”

As far as we are concerned, we will continue to work with POM for a long time.


In addition to the arrears process, Ingage also uses POM's platform to get in touch with customers, for example for data enrichment actions or to inform them about important issues related to their mortgage. “In the future, we also want to implement other POM solutions step by step, such as the Robocall and the Payment Coach,” Patrick looks ahead. “The Payment Coach, in particular, seems very valuable to us. In addition, customers with late payments can choose the payment solution that best suits them and their financial situation. As far as we are concerned, we will continue to work with POM for a long time.”

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