Secure payment links for every communication channel

Let your customers pay via chat, WhatsApp, or other communication channels. With the POM payment links, you have complete freedom and your customers pay easily and quickly in a familiar, safe environment.

Secure payment links for every communication channel

Easy online payment

After your customer's first click on the payment link, it's another two, maybe three clicks and the invoice has been paid. The money is directly in your organization's account.

Never a typo again

When transferring an amount manually, a typo quickly lurks. With all its consequences. With POM's payment links, all data has already been filled in. So the correct amount, the correct bank account number and the correct message. This way, you always have one hundred percent a match and the payment is automatically processed one-on-one.

Get paid faster

Invoices with a payment link are paid faster: 40 percent of the customers who receive a payment link transfer the amount within 24 hours.

Secure payment links for every communication channel

The best payment link for every communication channel

With POM payment links, customers can pay easily, quickly and securely from any communication channel. Whether it's a push message from the app or a payment link in the mining environment, WhatsApp or chatbot.

“The more accessible you make it for people to pay, the faster you get the money. ” | Martijn Goedhart, Innen manager - Tax cooperation in West-Brabant

A synchronized collection process

Would you like to let your customers pay outstanding bills via a payment link in their own mining environment, app or other own application? With POM Paylink, you ensure that payment is immediately synchronized with the ongoing collection process. This is easy by integrating the POM payment links into your app or mining environment. A unique paylink is then created for each payment order. If your customer has paid via this payment link, we will mark all messages about this collection - such as email, text message and print - as paid.

Push message

Have you integrated the POM payment links into your mining environment or application? Then you can also send push messages to your customers on their mobile phones if the bill hasn't been paid or hasn't been paid on time. Then, with just a few clicks, your customer is in the payment process.

White label

All payment links that you create with POM payment refer to your own website or domain. Our name is not visible in the payment process. Your customer only sees your corporate identity and therefore knows exactly who they're communicating with and who they're paying to.

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