Let the customer choose the most suitable solution

Paying a late payment in one go can be difficult for your customers. And even if you are willing to contribute ideas, in practice it poses the necessary challenges to find a good solution. With the Payment Coach, your customer chooses the solution that best suits their financial situation and the chance that the payment arrangement will be fulfilled is much higher.


Enable the customer to choose a suitable solution that suits the financial situation.


Follow up the solution chosen by the customer fully automatically and digitally.


Reduce the number of customer service calls and the workload in the debtors department.

Let the customer choose the most suitable solution

The most suitable solution for every customer

With the Payment Coach, you can offer your customer various solutions for paying their outstanding invoice, so that a suitable solution is always available. Whether it's a one-off deferral of payment, offering a payment arrangement, waiving the extra costs, offering a discount or a customized solution. With the Payment Coach, the customer always chooses the solution that best suits their financial situation.

Smart technology, low risk

Based on the specified business rules, historical customer data, machine learning and algorithms, the Payment Coach determines to what extent a payment solution can be offered. Consider, for example, the maximum amount of the discount, the maximum number of days of deferral of payment or the number of installments in a payment arrangement. This reduces the risk for the organization and allows the customer to always choose the most appropriate solution.

Everything fully automated

The Payment Coach works completely autonomously, no manual actions are involved. The customer can indicate directly from the payment reminder that he cannot pay his payment arrears. Here, the customer is directly linked to the Payment Coach. This guides the customer through the possible solutions. All solutions offered are fully automated and are immediately processed and monitored by the system. Depending on their choice, your customer will receive a confirmation, possibly including a payment button.

Comprehensive reporting

The Payment Coach is provided with an extensive report. This makes it easy to create reports. This way, you can see at a glance the result per solution, the most used device for paying arrears or outstanding payment arrears.

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